Age-friendly cities Montcada i reixac

Scope: Health, Rights and diversityCategories: Elderly, Investigación y evaluación, Citizenship Participation, Research & Evaluación


With the aim of contributing to the creation of friendly cities for the elderly, WHO created the worldwide network of Age Friendly cities. This network has the objective of municipalities to incorporate the active aging perspective into municipal planning in order to create cities with policies, services and structures that allow older people to live in a dignified, healthy and participate in Full form in society. The municipality of Montcada i Reixac wants to make the diagnosis that is framed in the prescriptions that the WHO stipulates as necessary requirements to be part of the World Network of Friendly Cities of the elderly.


A research methodology is considered from a bottom-upa perspective that places elderly people at the center of the diagnosis so that they are themselves those that identify those aspects that make their city a friendly one and those who make it difficult Spora conducts an analysis of the city’s factors that contribute to the promotion of active aging, as well as those that make it difficult in relation to three large blocks:     The physical environment (outdoor spaces and buildings, transport, housing),     The social environment (social respect and inclusion, social participation, citizen participation and work)     the scope of services (communication and information, social services, health services) The identification of the main needs of the elderly in Montcada i Reixac allows us to develop proposals for improvement in order to respond so that they guide the development of the future action plan.