Addressing hate crimes and discrimination in Barcelona

Delictes d'odi barcelona
Scope: Ciutat, Rights and diversityCategories: Atenció Primària i Salut Comunitària, Immigration, interculturalitat, LGBTI, Mental Health


According to data from the European Agency for Fundamental Rights (2017), 9 out of 10 people who have suffered hate or discrimination harassment do not report the facts. This reality requires to understand in depth the dynamics that motivate this behavior as well as to offer quality care resources adapted to the needs of the victims. In the case of Barcelona, ​​it is necessary to make these resources visible, improve coordination and work so that the victims perceive them as security spaces.


From Spora Sinergias, in collaboration with the Human Rights Institute of Catalonia we:

· Prepared a report that includes both the experience of people who have suffered aggression and discrimination based on hate, as well as the opinions of lawyers and professionals who work in entities and services that address the phenomenon. Therefore, we generated knowledge about the existing obstacles and needs and the strategies that can be incorporated to offer a better response.

· Created the first mapping and catalog of organizations that serve victims of hate crimes in the city of Barcelona.